Help with Missile Guidance

I’m posting Answers UE - Move actor towards a point in line here since I felt it is better to discuss the matter on the forum.

So I’m implementing SACLOS guided missile, which is operator tracked auto correcting missile. It works by the operator keeping the target on sight and the missile adjusts it’s flight path automatically to match the Line of Sight between the sight and the target (see BGW-71 TOW missile and 9M133 Konkurs missile for example, they both use SACLOS as guidance).

I have tried two methods. One where I project the missiles velocity on to the weapon cameras forward vector and subtract that vector from the velocity. That makes the missile adjust it’s forward vector to match the gun’s camera forward vector. The problem comes after moving the crosshair (LoS/camera forward vector). The missile does not align itself back to the LoS, but flies in offset instead.

Second method I tried was projecting the shortest distance from the missiles location on to a line defined by the cameras location and direction. This results constantly moving the missile towards the LoS, but not the forward vector. So it wobbles uncontrollably around the LoS.

What formulas I’d need to use or what things should I check to slow down the missiles approach towards the LoS so it won’t wobble?
Feel free to comment any ideas this brings to your mind. Thank you :slight_smile:

Seems I wasn’t too far away from the results I was looking for. Adding both methods together after scaling them a bit worked great.