Help with metal gear solid 1 or 2 inventory

Hey guys, does anyone know what sort of nodes would be needed in order to create something similar to the inventory system of metal gear solid 1 or 2.

Holding down the L2 and R2 buttons/triggers brings up a screen where the game freezes and the player is free to choose which item or weapon they want. I only wish to know to practice for myself. Any help would be appreciated. :slight_smile:

Hey, I can’t really help you by myself but I council you to see : - YouTube and this : - YouTube

Thanks alot, will try and use these to figure out what i need to do :slight_smile: also any idea how i would hide and show an element of the UI on collision with an object, example, hide only my healthbar onoverlap with another object then unhide on endoverlap?

Have you tried set visibility nodes for when you overlap/end overlap?

Where would i do it? The blueprint for the overlap object? The widget blueprint or the player? And exactly what do i need to do if i were to do it from scratch? I tried setting visibility in the event graph for the player hud but it didnt disappear, made a reference to my widget inside of the overlap object blueprint and it didnt work…of course its probably my nodes that were in the wrong place

The blueprint for the overlap would be my guess, but I’m not sure how you have it set up. Basically, set it to OnOverlap, set visibility to visible. On EndOverlap, hidden.

I had my blueprint, onbeginoverlap hooked up to the widget reference and i set the visibility from the reference node to hiddent but it didnt hide so im not sure how to do it hence why i asked for a step by step from scratch so i could see where i was going wrong

IMO, MGS style inventory is more unlocking a preset of weapons than item management in an RPG.

From playing more than enough MGS, here is what you will need.

  1. image pngs of the items you want to create.
  2. use UMG widget blueprint with animation.
  3. make each item pic a button(clear button)
  4. In BP, you will need to use time dilation to pause the game, but somehow keep the widget from being paused.

the only 2 issues i would have would be how to animate the inventory as the previous item disappears off screen when selecting something to use, and how to get the game to pause…but i suppose i could have the game pause when showing the “inventory” screen if it were set to the left or right trigger on the xbox controllers