Help with menu functionality please...

I have a Map which I would like to have the camera smoothly transition on the y-axis to different positions when buttons are clicked on different Widgets, then I would like to spawn the 3rd person template on another map.

So for example; Starting Position is the default camera location when the game has begun, and a Widget is displayed. When you click on the widget button the camera moves to position 2, and a new widget appears. When you click on a button in widget 2 the camera moves to position 3, and another widget appears (position 3’s widget allows for character creation; speed, strength, stamina, etc.). Then that button on widget 3 will launch a new map, pulling in all the variables that were setup, and I would possess the 3rd person template character.

I have all my Widgets created, as well as my starting map (for above) and my 3rd person game map. I was thinking that maybe I should use a Pawn Blueprint to move the camera around, and then posses the 3rd person character. Is that the best way to do it, or should I just use the 3rd person character right away?

For the camera movement; should I put the movement nodes on the Pawn and not within the Widget?

Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! I’m still new to blueprints so I’m trying to wrap my head around all of this…

Use a matinee to move cam around. I did something similar for my menu and it was easier to make nice smooth transitions using matinee.