Help with maya rigging?

So i’m trying to rig a character model, first I used max with biped, didn’t pan out too nice. Then with maya I was able to get bit better results using the Epic games toolkit. buut still it seems to go wrong constantly and I’m tired after 4 days of trying to rig this basic human model so, I though of asking some help.

So, if anyone could rig this character in maya or in any program they prefer to use to work in the UDK kit engine I’d be super thankful!

Here is the model: Human

If not fully rig it just give some proper tool tips how to get the skin to wrap more nicely in maya singe It is getting deformed and looks bad, especially when moving the fingers around

Maya have HumanIk you can give that a go, and you have a lot of rigging scripts at Highend 3D - Scripts / Plugins > Animation compatible with Maya like Rapid rig, Rapid rig advanced, Rapid rig modular, Maya Character Development kit, dpAutoRigSystem, Advanced skeleton 5 and so on.
Also you have Fuse ( and

When it comes to skinning you probably need to learn the basics so you can get it the way you want. There’s lots of tutorials on YouTube about skinning.

Thank you, I’ll got to check those out and see if they are any help.