Help with materials from Blender

I need help with rebuilding my shaders from Blender in UE5. I have much more complex shaders to rebuild than this too so I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. This is my first time creating my own materials in UE and it’s much different than Blender

First I can’t figure out how to create the nodes on the left side under the “Mapping” section.
Then I can’t find the “tangent space” normal map node. Or the Displacement node.
Lastly I don’t know how to adjust the settings in the Principled BSDF such as the Specular, Sheen, IOR, etc.

The right side of my screenshot is what I have so far in UE

Mapping doesn’t appear to be doing anything (all set to 0), so I’d skip.
Normal Map I think is just how Blender reads a normal texture, so skip.
Displacement isn’t a thing in UE anymore, so skip. (There may be workarounds but I think the idea now is to modify the mesh itself if you need displacement.)

Specular: hold 1 and click to create a scalar value, set it to match and connect to Specular.
Sheen sounds like Roughness. Do the same for Roughness and set to match.

I think IOR is Refraction, which would be for something like water or glass or other transparent material. If you need that, change the material to transparent.