Help with Material on Ball Cap Please


I wanted to make a copy of the Ball Cap with a logo on it for our private server Admin’s.

My issue is getting the logo to show up as I created and imported the TGA and it not showing up in the editor game correctly.

I have pulled apart the Material “MAT_BallCap_MASTER” and the Material Instance “MIC_BallCap_Icon1” and I can see that in “MIC_BallCap_Icon1” > Parameters Group > “Colorization” > “Color0” is adding a colour overlay and if I switch it off, it makes the logo all red.

I am sort of guessing that I would need to edit the “MAT_BallCap_MASTER” Material, however, I’m not sure what to change/add.

Could someone that is more experienced with Materials and Material Instances please give me advice or guidance on how to get my logo to appear as per my import?


Mesh with Texture on it.

What is seen in the editor game play


How exactly are you importing this? I’ve never seen this issue… if you have the mesh In another program with the texture applied correctly xport the mesh and texture together as an fbx file and import that… it will automatically create the material with the texture tga.


Its not an external mesh being imported. I am using the existing ARK Dev Kit Static Mesh called “Male_Ball_Cap” you can see it in my Mod Folder, in the picture I posted above.

But you did give me an idea, It might be quicker to export the mesh, make custom UV’s, texture and re-import. Althought I am still interested in learning how they have set up the Material and Material Instance for this object, great learning opportunity there.

And how are you creating the material? Are you editing a copy of the default one?

Yes, editing a copy of the Material and Material Instance, and associated textures, normals etc.

im testing right now, they do some weird stuff with the ball cap. I’ll give you a write up of what I find.

Okay so I’m not sure if the textures for the cap exist client side, but I’m writing this assuming they are because of the admin and dev kit hats wildcard is adding.
Normally you need to create a copy of the Static Mesh, Colorize Texture, Colorize Map, Normal Map, and the Layered map. But for this instance you will need a few different things instead.
I started by creating a copy of the Static mesh as you did, then opened it up to view how the other reference maps were being used. I noticed that the colorize map was actually being used at item creation in combination with the icon texture sheet. The standard ball cap texture T_BallCap_D, was however not being used. I created a copy of one of the material instances as shown here.
Screenshot (103).png
and did not touch the parent material as the coloring is a second material placed on top of the parent material. The material shown below should remain linked as such in the icon material instance.

From there I decided to make a copy of the icon texture file and add in the custom icon to the area shown.

I then linked this file into the new material instance copy i created and defined at which point of the icon sheet I wanted the image to be centered (I.E. x=0 y=.50)

I then edited the coloring fields that are being used at item creation due to the multiple layers. (I believe this should allow admin to have custom color caps as well)

I did it this way because I know for a fact that the old icons worked and that this would allow me to have the appropriate sizing for the new cap logo.
Once I saw that worked properly in the material editor I simply cleaned up my files in my folder with exactly what I felt needed to be in my mod to appear in game.
Screenshot (119).png
And lastly here is the result in the dev kit simulation.
Screenshot (120).png
Hopefully this is easy to follow and works for you, if not feel free to hit me up. If it doesn’t show properly once you get it to server side you may need to copy over the files listed at the beginning as well.

Hi Ionic,

Thank you so much for the reply and info, you can see my first post I got the same result as you in the mesh editor window.

The problem I am specifically looking at is that when you add an image to the Icon sheet, such as a coloured one, the material automatically makes it all white, and this is happening at Color 01.

What I need to work out is how the Material Blueprint is doing that and how to edit it to allow my image to be applied as intended, e.g. all in colour.

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