Help with Material effects!

Hey guys, first post! I`m usually just reading, always loved this forum.

Anyways Im struggling with some material stuff. Im using material instances to perform visual effects to my meshs, like materializing, materializing, and some other things. All of which are done by altering scalars from the material instances.
I want to be able to reference either the material of the mesh (which is materializing/performing effect), or the texture of the mesh (which is materializing/performing effect)… inside the material instance (materialize MI).

I know that there are material functions and layers and that I can perform the effect making individual material instances. But I need to be able to just hook a meshes material up to the effects material instance, or grab the texture and use it in the effect MI or have some kind of easy universal function to perform this effect. As there are many different models I want to use these effects on.

And if I use a parent material for like every mesh, that will literally have so much coding if I have multiple effects, spread accross every mesh.

Please help me find an efficient fix, I`ve tried and tried searching already!
Thank you!

Im not sure if Im allowed to bump, but noones got any answers? :confused: