Help with making third person?

Okay so i have a very simple landscape, lighting, player start etc. etc. etc. but no player! Since i am completely new to this i tried searching and messing around but just got stuck. What i am trying to do is make my world playable in 3rd person, i copied the ThirdPersonBP from starter content and stuck it in my content folder for this project, set the game mode as ThirdPersonGameMode but after that i have no idea what to do. I have no camera movement and no character movement. I tried putting the character blueprint in to the world but it does not let me play as that, instead its kind of like an AI. Some help would be amazing!

-migrate your world and other assets into a 3rd person template project -> easiest way

-open a 3rd person project
-right click onto the gamemode in the content browser - migrate - choose your folder - ok
-now open your project - add the gamemode that we have migrated to your level -> world settings - gamemode - …
-now open the project settings and unter inputs you will have to recreate all the inputs from the 3rd person template (therefore open the 3rd person template and note all the values + add them into your own project)
-now it should work :slight_smile:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Now one more thing, how would i make it default walk and sprint with shift?

Here we go: :slight_smile:

Here we go: :slight_smile:

Such a great community! thank you so much!