Help with making "Shell Game"

I am very new to Unreal Engine and have spent the last few days trying to learn it. I am looking into making the Shell Game (Basically ball under 3 shells or cups and the shells move around and you have to select which cup has the ball under it). So I figure I should make the shells all the same actor and for the ball with Event Play I should use the Get All Actors node. I can’t really figure out how to start this other than what I have said. Any help would be appreciated, thanks

Create the same actor for the cups / shells. Add a variable in it. Bool maybe. Called Has Ball? Then randomly select which one has the cup. set the ball to the actor location which has the bool value set. So most likely event begin play - get all actors of class - for each loop - get bool - branch if true, cast to that actor and get its location. Set ball to that location… slightly adjusted to stay on the table or whatever.

Then just animate your cups to shuffle and once its done… bam! you chose the cup