Help with making import NPC mods?

Hello all!

I’ve been running ARK servers and helping out the community for 2 years now and finally getting into the modding. I am currently working on a new NPC mod (my first) with 6 NPC models I purchased from different sites.

I am able to IMPORT the model which has the “skeleton”, “animations”, “texture”, “material” and “physics”. So I was messing around and created a new folder under Mods and copied the PrimalGameData to it and make a folder into of that for the NPCs. I basically want to use what I can from the model kit, but also want to add other options to it say from the Hyena dino, etc. So let’s say “Bite” for attack 1 and bark sounds, etc. Then just get him moving the right way. Since it has a skeleton, it looks like it might be ok but is it better to use one that is already done in the Dev Kit (IE: Hyena?) for a dog NPC?

The videos I was watching are from 1 year ago and V186.0 of ARK and stuff. If anyone has a good video for training I’m pretty good at picking up. I have seen videos of using current NPCs and just adding effects but I’m adding new model(s) like Monster Hunter had, or something new. The models are all royal free, etc so I’m ok on that end.

If anyone can guide me to a good video or instructions I would appreciate it. Next I want to make a map and pretty much learn the whole kit. I can do some coding so figuring out the tree for the processes isn’t hard for me to pick up.

Thank you!