Help with making animations for a new weapon

So my weapon has a skeleton but, i need hands like on the other guns to make it seems as the character was doing things like reloading and stuff like that, but i have no idea how to add the hands to my gun skeleton so i can animate.

You’re using a custom skeleton, aren’t you? My suggestion would be to export a skeleton of a weapon that sort of fits your new weapon and rig your mesh to that skeleton. That way you’ll also have all the bones for the hands and when importing the skeleton back the hands of the player character will also be properly attached to that skeleton.
If you really want to use a custom skeleton, I’d still suggest exporting one of the existing skeletons and using the hand bones from that.

Yes but i have no idea how to do this, i need my custom skeleton because none of the guns are similar in any way, i am just trying to figure out how to get the hands skeleton on the my pre excising one

Well like I mentioned I would suggest exporting one of the existing skeletons out of the dev kit and open it in your 3D application, it should have all the bones for the hands. Then just delete everything that’s not needed and merge the remaining bones with your own custom skeleton.

How would i do that in maya ive never done animation

I don’t know since I’m not a maya user, but I’d recommend checking out some maya specific tutorials for that.

what do you use then>

I’m using Blender.

do you just parent the skeletons together in a similar way that they are for the other gun

That should be possible. I personally roll with simply using one of the existing skeletons from the game however.

is that what you did with your harpoon gun and then just reanimated stuff like holing it

Yeah. There’s not really much more to it.

so basically since i need my other skeleton would i just add an armature to the center of the gun and add it to the mesh and then parent the other bones to it

Check out most of this websites tutorials in regards to adding the weapon to the character. If you are still confused on the process at all or want more details on it check it out, they have all of what you are looking for in terms of info documented with steps :slight_smile:

Hope this helps with the process

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PPS: If you want more info on how to animate/rig things yourself let me know.

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Thats not the issue, the issue i am having is getting the hands skeleton with my already made one for my gun, such as the pistol has the slider and the trigger and the clip that can be moved but it also has bones for the hands which is what my skeleton doesnt have which is why i cant animate it

You are going to need to make a skeletal mesh with those bones, add the bones in manually on the existing one you are currently using, or re-use the existing one thats already in the dev kit for it

I’m going to pretend you aimed that at all of us because that’s awesome information haha