Help with making an actor push a pawn on collision

Can’t for the life of me work out how to make an actor thats moving push a player pawn if it collides with it. The actors themselves push each other fine but the pawn either passes through or with collision enabled stops the actors completely.

Any ideas guys?

Seems like this might be possible using LaunchCharacter.

Going to try this and post my results if it works.

Did you try Add Force or Add Impulse nodes?

Not sure where to add those?

Had limited results with LaunchCharacter. I could get the actor to cause the hit event some of the time, but most of the time the actor passes right through me, no collision. Not sure why it only works sometimes, it’s all the one actor so there should be no difference.

To clarify what I’m doing, I have a simple level with a platform and a ramp. Both have a low friction phys material applied. At the top of the ramp I have spawn points for a single type of mesh actor, a box with collision and physics enabled. The blueprint for the spawn also randomises the size and rotation of the box so they don’t fall uniformly(is a word?). The boxes come sliding towards the player and the idea is to not get hit and knocked off the edge behind you. Simple, but it’s a project nonetheless.