Help with making a basic Goomba-style enemy for a Side Scroller project

As stated in the title of topic, I’ve been trying to make a very basic enemy that simply moves in a straight line until it collides with a solid object, at which point it turns around and goes in the opposite direction, just like a Goomba in the Super Mario Bros. games. Trying to find a tutorial online proved to be a lot more difficult than I had anticipated as every tutorial I came across was for the 2D Side Scroller version and not the 3D one. Eventually I was able to find a Blueprint and tried implementing it, but unfortunately, the test enemy I set up isn’t behaving as I intended.

The problem is that when I start the game, the enemy will move a short distance (the distance traveled appears to vary every time I start up the game) and then begins to rapidly alternate between facing left and right. If the Player Character comes into contact with the enemy, typically the enemy will slide around the Player character due to both of them having capsule-shaped collision boxes.

How the Blueprint is supposed to work, at least from my limited knowledge, is that the enemy is supposed to continuously move forward as long as its velocity is above 0. If the velocity does drop to 0 then the enemy is suppose to rotate 180 degrees and then move in the opposite direction, repeating the cycle.

I don’t know if I set up the Blueprint incorrectly or if its a problem with the original Blueprint, or perhaps there is some other variable that hasn’t been taken into account, but I hope that someone can help clear up mess.

Just for reference, the original Blueprint that I found:

And how the Blueprint is currently set up in my project:

Ideally, the enemy would also be able to pass through the Player Character while still being able to inflict/receive damage and would also turn around when it reaches the end of a ledge, but nether of those are a major priority right now. I just simply want to get minimal movement working properly from the enemy before worrying about anything else.