Help with main menu

I am trying to follow the tutorial for making a HUD, main menu and pause menu with this tutorial: UMG UI Designer Quick Start Guide | Unreal Engine Documentation
Things are going fine when I follow the tutorial EXACTLY but now I am trying to free style it without the First Person Shooter Content Pack and using my own character. My problem is once I click “Play Game” and it takes me to my own custom world, I do not have control of my character like I would if I included the First Person Shooter Content Pack and followed the steps for that character. I tried adding the FPS Content Pack to my game and I implemented it into my main menu and I set it to go to the world that comes with the pack and everything works fine. Once I move to my own world or my own character I get problems. My custom character had a HUD that also doesn’t show once I click the “Play Game” button in the main menu and it loads the world. Even when I try the First Person Shooter map, I still have these issues. I’ve done the steps in the tutorial for my custom world and my main menu along with the blueprint for my character but I still get the same results. How can I fix this so I can use my custom character in my custom world once I click “Play Game”?

Open your Game Mode blueprint and change the default pawn class to your custom character :slight_smile:

I did that but it didn’t work. The point of the main menu in the documentation tutorial is to have the default pawn class be “Character” to disable the input so the player cannot look around and move their character. I do not have a background image in my main menu widget like the tutorial has so I’m assuming adding a background image wont matter because the player cannot see what they are doing but I don’t have this problem when I’m using the First Person Shooter Content Pack anyways.