Help with looping a flipbook animation

I’ve only started to use Unreal Engine while following the Blueprint Live training video on Youtube. I think the Tutorial is fantastic but the problem is that I’ve used Alucard’s model out of Castlevania SOTN rather than the Megaman animations in the video so that I may learn how to use more advanced flipbook techniques when I start creating my first real game!

Everything is fine at the moment other than the running animation… he starts up and then starts running which is about 17 sprites each at 4 frames but then he does the start up again while running which sucks badly!

I would like to make it that after sprite 4 (I think it is that one) it will keep going from 4-17 back and forward until the player stops moving, this would be awesome and help me with more advanced animation when I start my own characters…

I couldn’t see any forums on Google about looping parts of flipbooks so if you guys could send an image of the set up and explain how it works as simple as possible, it would be a great help…

My set up is just the default 2D set up but with the IDLE and RUN animations replaced with my own… I’ve linked a video to show what I mean, thanks!

Link: - YouTube

Can’t help you with a working example since it would take a while to put together, but I can help with the concept. Instead of writing something custom for looping those specific frames, I would split it into two separate flipbooks. Play the startup, then if the character is still moving at the last frame, start playing the run loop. You would have to add this logic into the current setup that checks whether it should be running or idle.

There’s some things that you can get caught up on while trying to implement it, but I encourage you to look around at the flipbook documentation and mess around with it. They have some really convenient functions for working with frames and timing that you otherwise wouldn’t know to look for. If you run into issues, feel free to ask more.