Help with line trace emitters

I can’t get my line trace to spawn a specific emitter at target location of impact based on the material instance hit; in this case an actor. I want my particle effect to be default to anywhere unspecified and I got that part, but like shooting flesh on a humanoid I want blood to emit instead. How would I go about doing this? My MAIN issue is that I have no way of getting my BP to register a hit and spawn an emitter at the target impact on a skeletal mesh because I can’t specify that location for only flesh and not everywhere else…

Can anyone make me an example BP? It’s a non projectile shooting system. Basically I want a normal ricochet effect to emit at all locations impacted except for what is specified. IE if it hits flesh I want it to spawn blood particles instead. How do I do this?

Maybe a boolean for if flesh then spawn blood? but I don’t know how to tie together a conditional statement on my characters blueprint to the targets blueprint.

One simple and quick solution: You can add a tag to your actor and, when hit, get all tags of the hit actor and make a switch for each one you desire, then spawn the respective emitter at the location.

Try this i just released alot more free videos.

Unreal Engine 4 - (Tutorial) Patreon Requested Bullet Impact Particles/Sounds Based On Surface Type

I figured it out finally, guys! I ended up using Physical Materials to determine the emitter upon impact location and set rotation to the “Normal” from my break hit results node.

Thanks for the feedback all!