Help with Lightning, Weather and IBL setup

Hi there,

Actually I’m somehow stuck with my map since I don’t know how to properly setup a day-night lightning cycle, weather and IBL probes. I’ve have done a bit of searching, but the only video tutorial i found sugest to copy-paste items from the sample map which is my opinions a “dumb” solution since you absolutely don’t know what you are doing, and if you don’t understand what you are doing, it will probably set in a wrong way.

Also I’ve noticed that some values are lost in the copy-paste process so i’d better know how to do it myself.

That said I would like to know if someone could explain (or link me to some docs/tutorial/lost forum thread) me how to properly make all of these stuff work in my ARK map from scratch.

Here is a link to a working map template with water and day and night cycle (do note some bp work is required and matinee’s)

I will be making a full in depth guide on map making that will most likely be up by tomorrow or so :slight_smile:

I am pretty stumped on this as well. I managed to snag the beautiful TrueSky over but the weather/lighting seems to be unaffected. Definitely time consuming digging through the files to figure out what makes it work. Thanks to those that have already figured it out though!

For me, working in the actual map layers has been one of the most difficult things so far, I hope you get this figured out! From experience though, you just keep plugging away at it and eventually you will find the “key”. Sometimes just taking a little break is enough to have it all “click” in your head.

Well, thanks for the answer, but I’m still clueless :S. Maybe i’m not smart enough to figure out how to do it just by observing the sample maps provided. I need documentation, tutorials or whatever.

I can setup static lighning for now, but I think this game it’s not the same without daynight cycle