Help with level design.

Hello everyone. I decided to start work on my own game, and I want to ask you something, about optimization, and something else. For he beginning I want to know if is better to create parts of a level in 3ds MAX and then export and bind them in Unreal Engine. I heard that this method is much better than create the hole level in Unreal, because you will use few props ( for example, a corridor vs many parts from an corridor as props ). This will really interest me, because I don’t have and powerful system to word on. And the second question. If I have to create some props in 3ds MAX and then export to Unreal, what scale I should use? I don’t want to change the scale to every props exported. I will be very glad if you can help me.

-scale -> 1cm = 1uu So you can choose any scale you want -> I think the blue guys is around 1.83m tall
-bsp brushes are just used to prototype the level -> due to the bad performance they are not recommended :slight_smile:

So I will “save” more fps i I export parts of an level as static meshes?

You will get a better performance when you use meshes instead of bsp brushes (in built in geometry tool) :slight_smile:
But create the level inside the ue4 → so lights, materials, mesh placement,…

OK thanks.

Another quick question. After I create an part of an level in 3ds MAX, and then I exported to Unreal as mesh, how can I do to modify textures properly. Because if I want to put an texture to the floor for example, that texture apply everywhere ( sealing, walls, etc. ). I need to add specific settings in 3ds MAX, or doesn’t need to attached elements between them? There are some tutorials about this?

You will either have to do it with uv maps or with different material slots. But dont import everthing as an entire object. As I mentioned above, I would put everything together in the UE4 → e.g you create a floor, wall,… mesh - import them separately - put them together in the ue4 so that you get a room. :slight_smile:

But it always depends on the mesh. e.g for my project my team and I created a building which will be used just once in the level -> we imported it as one single mesh + uv mapped it + added several material slots/id’s

Ok I will follow your advice. Thanks again.