Help with Leader boards?!

Can anyone look at my BP and tell me whats wrong because the leader boards aren’t reading nor updating/uploading the scores. This is how it looks like I don’t understand the problem. Can anyone help please?


The “Get scores” node is the current achieved score value
The “Get Hold Scores” node is the latest Highest score you got in the game

I think you need to login first for all this stuff to work.

No I already have the external login UI setup and it works and logs into google services. But something is wrong with my BP that it’s not reading the scores?

You have your code hooked to event begin play, so maybe it tries to read your leaderboard before your game even managed to login?

Event End Play*

When you get a game over at the event end play the game starts recording your data as you can see from the BP after transferring the data I put a sequence so now it’ll record the data to the leader boards in google play services. Login in to google services comes when you first open the app. It tells you to login. However It doesn’t work so I assumed somethings wrong with my code?

Oh sorry, can’t see that good on my phone. Ill get home and see how I did it in my game and will try to help.

Hello again. So this is how I did it in my game: e2fbb78dff8d6e0f212a663985ceec55689cadb0.png

My game is on google play and it all works fine. So if I could suggest two things. First do a check if you are logged in before trying to read or write the leaderboard(like in my pic). Second I would not use event end play to execute your stuff. To be safe I would use a custom event and I would read/write my achievements/leaderboards a little before event end play to give it some time. Just my 2cents.

Ok i understand. I’ll use your BP as a guide thanks! Also what does your MyBoyChar BP do when you cast it

I keep my score variables in character bp. I retrieve it from character bp by casting to it here.

Also which BP is your script located at and where do you call your custom events at? Thanks

All leaderboards stuff is in Game Mode BP. In my character BP i get game mode, cast to game mode and run the custom events when I need to.

Ok thanks for the tips but as you can see is there no errors or something wrong with my whole BP script itself, like are the nodes in the correct inputs and stuff? Thanks!