Help with launching Android

So I am trying to get the Vehicle example to launch on my Android device. I have been through every step in this link: I have everything installed and my Samsung galaxy Note 3 connects to the computer just fine. Although when I try launching the project, everything seems fine until towards the end when I start seeing errors where Unreal Engine cannot build the project because it cannot launch the files its trying to use or it says that they do not exist.

Example: LogPlayLevel: [javac] C:\Users\jordan\Documents\Unreal Projects\AndroidTestUE4\Intermediate\Android\APK\src\com\YourCompany\AndroidTestUE4\ package R does not exist

I have gone to every file that it cannot find or launch and they all exist. I have set the Android SDK under project settings and edited everything as if I were going to launch it for real. And it still does not work. The phone works when I use it with Android studio so there is nothing wrong with the connection or the device. At the end of the build I see PackagingResults:Error: Error Launch failed! Unknown Error and the project does not launch.

Attached is a text file that displays exactly what is on the output log from start to finish when I start the launch. The errors are at the bottom. link text