Help with Landscape

Hi there guys i am new to ark modding and am currently working on a map, i recently made quite a few custom materials but i am unsure of how to add the to the mi_newsland instance so i can paint with these new materials. Can some one lend me a hand and talk me or show me how to do this thanks.

you made new materials or textures? If it is textures you can duplicate the mi_newIsland mat, place in your maps folder, then select your landscape and assign your terrain material instance to it. Then dbl click your new material instance and find the material you want to replace. Should be obvious from there what to do.

MI_newIsland is a material instance, which is a instance of a larger material that controls how all the materials are applied on the landscape. Because of this each material has some features within it that can’t be changed without modifying the original material. if you have actual materials you want to use instead you need to either copy then modify the original material or make your own landscape material. The process is more complicated then I can get into here, but here is the relevant documentation. Reverse engineering the landscape materials provided in the game also might help.