Help with joining Listen Server from a Client

I’ve followed the documentation and built a Project which allows you to either host or join game session through a IP address and port.

I have a ui widget which spawns and allows you to either host, join or quit a game with a text field for the IP address.

If I play from one machine on my network with options “Play as Listen Server” and “Number of Players:2” The editor viewport and the standalone opens up, in the editor I select “host” a game and the level loads. In the Standalone I select join a game and specify the IP address. Both players controllers/actors are spawned in the level and are able to take input. This is expected.

If I go to another machine and attempt to join and specify the same IP address, nothing happens. I’ve tried “Play as Listen Server” and “Play as Client”. I’d expect to be able to load the level being hosting at that specific IP address but nothing happens.

I’m new to Unreal and networking so I’m just trying to get my feet wet.

Any advice?

I see, I needed to build a win64 package within the editor for second client and connect using the IP address and the port not just he IP address of the host.