Help with Item Manager why does have input ?

I’m saving variables to slot and have lot of them to save,
When i get inventory manager, when i get equipment manager, and more
i just drag and get variables from there and set them,
but now is time for item manager variables and when im looking at this why does this have A input named Target ? do i need a specific target for every variable ? or its just like i can ignore this and just get variables from there and set them ?
can’t find on internet answer

Screenshot 2024-07-10 081752

Hey @Ninja699669!

The “Target” pin can not be ignored. Is the “Item Manager” a different blueprint? If so, that blueprint will need to be referenced from wherever it is being accessed in the level. If the item manager is a component on the current blueprint you should just drag from the component itself into the blueprint and it will be referenced.

If the “Item Manager” is the blueprint you are currently working in, you will need to get a reference to self.

Would you mind sharing the component outliner where the item manager is located and/or share more details about how you are referencing the item manager?

Any additional specifics or info you provide may go a long way in solving your problem! Let me know if the solution above is the one you need!

Nahh bro never mind, ar your right casting to item manager worked, but i dint do that way, i just get the game instance ref in the item manager and build there the new save variables only for item manager, while on start game first im setting the bp character variables
and also on start game the item manager sets also the saved variables
Its more like that :

bp_main character > Gets the variables from all te managers possible with only (Get Health manager) as an example because there are more, and then set them there referencing the save game to slot i have on game instance

and inside the item manager the same thing but only saving and setting the variables from item manager

Im solved bro, but i still have some minor question :

If i can save variable insides any manager than why its not better to save every variables from every corresponding manager and not just 90 % of them setting and getting from bp_character blueprint maybe works faster o doesnt matter idk