Help with issue syncing Github fork to Epic repo

I’m following these steps to bring my fork up to date with Epic’s Unreal Engine repo. However immediately after checking out master, I end up with this output from git status.

modified:   Engine/Source/ThirdParty/SDL2/SDL-gui-backend/build-scripts/windows-buildbot-zipper.bat
modified:   Engine/Source/ThirdParty/SDL2/SDL-gui-backend/build-scripts/winrtbuild.bat

I guess they are being generated from the dependency update script, or perhaps an issue with line endings?

Anyway, this is resulting in the

git merge upstream/master

command failing with

error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge:

Anyone know why this is happening or what the right way to proceed would be?

I noticed that too yesterday. I think it is a mistake that they are even tracked by git. You can probably just do

git rm Engine/Source/ThirdParty/SDL2/SDL-gui-backend/build-scripts/windows-buildbot-zipper.bat
git rm Engine/Source/ThirdParty/SDL2/SDL-gui-backend/build-scripts/winrtbuild.bat
git add -u

and then commit them.

But don’t take my word, I am a git beginner myself.

I got this issue too. It seems to me it’s git has problem with EOL in thoese bat files. Maybe upgrade git to latest version might solve it, but for me I simply add and commit those bat files.