Help With iOS Tilt?

My mobile device, running iOS, is an iPhone in landscape mode.

Right now tilt controls are working from +X to +Z and +X to -Z.

I want to set my tilt controls to work from -X to +Y and -X to -Y.

How can I achieve this?

Currently Landscape tilts in the green directions, I want the tilt directions in the blue directions.


If you cannot figure out that diagram, I am trying to achieve these circled red states the landscape iPhone will be in for move left (45 degrees) and move right (135 degrees):

Holding the phone in landscape moves the character to the right. So I need to change that angle by adding 45 degrees to make it not move right until that extra 45 degrees is met. Then make move left at 45 degrees.

Could this somehow help my problem?

Not sure I fully understand the question, but once the device is held in the correct possition you should use “calibrate Tilt” to reset the values to 0. And if you need degrees you can convert the iOS tilt values from radians to degrees.
Use “Print String” to see the values that the nodes are producing.

Also “gavity” may give you a preferred result