Help with inventory icons

Hello fellow ARK community!

I’m currently having issues with setting a custom icon for my custom weapon. I have set 2 custom icons through primalgame data and they work! But only in engrams and smithy… :frowning: once I craft the custom weapon it changes the icon to the standard one ( sword ).

Softwares I have - Adobe elements. Not as good as photoshop but does the job :).
If anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.

“Item Icon material Parent” - On the primal item bp

It allows the item to show up with the colorization setting on the hud. IE: if your gun is green, it will show as green in inventory. If you remove the “Item Icon material Parent” it will use your “Item Icon”

Or you can colorize your icon and set it up like so:

Thank you so much! Just about lost all my hair ;).