Help with Interacting with 3D widget component

Hi there,

I have 2 issues with a widget that I am drawing in 3D in front of the character.

  1. I can’t get the Widget interaction component to react to widget CLICKS. I can set it up so hovering over a 3D widget will click it, but I want actual mouse clicks to work.

  2. I have an animation for the widget when it is created. The problem is with the Widget component, used to display a widget in 3D, it is created** instantly **and I can’t seem to figure out how to prevent that from happening.

If anyone has some insight that’d be super helpful!

I have figured out how to solve the 3D widget clicking issue as described in problem 1.

I’m still stuck on 2.

For anyone wondering how to pull off 1. here’s the steps below:

Here’s a good way to get the Widget Interaction Component and your 3D Widget working with a MOUSE CLICK.

Go into your Characters blueprint.

  1. +Add a “Widget Interaction” component from the component window.
  2. +Add a “Widget” component from the component window.
  3. Make sure the Widget Component has your Widget of choice in the ‘widget class’.

These are my settings for the Widget interaction component:

Go into the graph editor of the blueprint widget you selected before.
Find your desired button, (or whatever you are using. I’ve only tested this for buttons), you want to work with the Widget Interaction component.
Click the “>OnHovered” Event for that button.

Then do this for that OnHovered event:

It is worth noting I have another identical button that gets created on top as soon as the button (involved in this tutorial) is clicked. That means if I added this system to that new button it will jump into a fast loop requiring the need for a doOnce node.

I had similar problem but I found that I should use Widget Interaction - Press Pointer Key instead of Press Key.
Hope it helps whoever sees this.

Hey guys I know the thread is very old but in case somebody else needs it or you didn’t completely figured it out in the end, I made a video on how to create a 3D menu interact with it with mouse clicks and toggle it on and off
Hope this can help someone :smiley:

Sorry for unearthing this thing.
can you tell me what you did back in the day? the picture is no more here