Help with incorrect animations after import

Any extra information I can give that would help, feel free to ask for.

I use blender v3.1 with Rigify

UE 5.0.2

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Curious. In Blender, did you Apply All Transforms sometime before sending it off to Unreal? Otherwise, stuff like this may happen.

Then again, it may be a skin weighting issue.

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Yep, I applied all transformations so there is scale of 1 and no translation
Character.blend (704.4 KB)
Here is the blend file

Taking a look at it now…

It’s been 15 minutes! Does it normally take this long to import the character into UE5?

Any luck?

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It finally imported!

This seems like a tough one because it may have something to do with the complexity of your rig. Even after baking the keys, something about it causes Unreal to hiccup.

I would look in depth at the rig, particularly in the finger area. Are you using python scripts to make this work? Is there something about this rig that is different than other rigs?

Let me know your thoughts on this.

I used Rigify to generate the skeleton. I deleted the ring finger before I generated the rig on the character since there is only 3 fingers on my character. I also tried deleting some of the extra bones in the hand and that didn’t seem to help or hurt. Inside blender you can see that the animation is there, and that it plays smoothly, but once imported, it adds rotations it shouldnt to the feet for example as shown in the video.

Also no python scripts

Hmm. I mean, this may be an obvious observation, but maybe changing the joint hierarchy was what caused the issue. The animation seems to have trouble in the ring finger area even.

I’m not sure how Rigify puts it all together, but I’m sure it has a programmatic way of attaching the rig to the model, and altering it afterward will leave some things behind. My last bit of advice to you is to check for anything that the program does to implement the rig and see if anything is left behind from that after you did your edits.

I’m surprised such a piece of software is even capable of producing the results you have now, which don’t look all that bad in my copy of UE5. There are no rotational problems in the feet in mine and the hands are slightly less crunched than in your video above.

I’m going to try to just quickly make a new skeleton for it without using Rigify and quickly weight paint it to see if there are still issues.

Sounds like the smart way to go about this. You are guaranteed results making your own rig vs. doing a programmatic solution.

Creating my own skeleton seemed to have its own issues but once I dealt with those it worked perfectly, no more crinkle

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