Help with importing models

Hi, I am having problems with importing models from Blender. Basically the model itself in Blender does not look like the one that is imported in UE4. Here is a screenshot. This is what it looks like in Blender.
Basically you can see it’s pretty messed up especially near where the “bolt-screw disassembly thing” (outrageous).

The reason I posted here is because I find this as an import issue and it is connected to Unreal Engine 4. Judge all you want on that model I made, I am 100% clear over the mistakes I made on that model and I am still learning.
I have recalculated the mesh and tried flipping it and it’s really not doing anything better. Strangely the barrel was very messed up along with other parts but it is not the problem in this case since I managed to fix it with grouping.

Any attempted help would be appreciated, seeing as I want to get into actually making the gun work in UE4.


Can you post a wireframe picture of the mesh in blender?

Like this?

To add on the subject, it wasn’t like this on the other import I made before. The problem that time was the barrel and other object. When I grouped them together, then it got a lot worse on the body of the model.

Yes, you’ve got lots of ngons - faces with more than 4 vertices. Game engines can’t handle that so they split the geometry arbitrarily. You’ll need to split the ngons and make quads or triangles to get a good result. Before that you can try enabling auto smooth and exporting with face smoothing and import normals in UE4, but I think it’ll still look a bit strange.

I see… Well have to learn from somewhere! Thank you for identifying the problem, i’ll see what I can do with this.