Help with importing charcter blueprint

i downloaded an asset pack called close combat fighter and with it comes basic enemy ai and a player character blueprint. however when i drag that player character blueprint into my level and hit play it doesnt seem to work, all that happens is a default first person blueprint spawns and i can only control that, not the player i dragged into my level but i can still see it but nothing happens.

i also tried dragging in an enemy ai into the level and it reacts to the close combat player character which i imported but then again when i hit play it doesnt seem to work.

Hi!Well basically check if you setup your Blueprint Character in GameMode of your level,and all related PlayerController and Hud classes!If its not help you provide please the screenshots.

im quite new to game making so i dont quite understand
could you specify or possibly link me a video

Okay,so basically you have a Character Blueprint,you should setup the Game Mode for your current level by doing the following steps.
1)Create the Blueprint GameMode
2)Setup your pawn in GameMode for your CharacterBlueprint
Try and let me know

the close combat fighter asset also has its own game mode though so is there anything i can do with that one?

it also says when i press on the included game mode that (this is a data only blueprint, so only the default values are shown. it does not have any script or variables if you want to add some “open full blueprint editor”)