Help with implementing a tie function in tic tac toe.

Hello all,
I’m trying to learn how to make a tic tac toe game using purely just unreal blueprints. The blueprint in the picture is function that checks if a win has occurred, essentially in takes the players input and checks all of the 8 possible win conditions, if any of them are true then it sends in back as a win. What I’m struggling to figure out is how I would implement the potential for a tie. I have added a variable that will store the number of clicks, I understand how to increment that number but I’m mainly struggling with how it all ties together to send back a draw.
Any help is appreciated,
Thanks :slight_smile:

You can implement that function to say who won, rather than just if a win occurred.

I have some blueprints in the class that handles the output of who won. I was just trying to understand how to implement a system that can tell if the game ended in a tie. :slight_smile:

If all positions are filled and no win is declared, then it’s a tie.

Basically On last tile placement if no win, then tie.