Help with IK/Root Rotation for Custom Creature's

Hey all, hopefully someone can help me with the issue I’m having. I’m trying to create a Mod that implements creatures from the “Monster Hunter” series as Wild/Tameable creatures for a small server I’m hosting with friends, maybe I’ll make it public somewhere along the way. My first creature, Rathalos, is basically complete, except for some IK Leg issues I’m having. It’s a minor gripe, but it would bother me to go on an incline with him and see this

The issue at hand isw hen I enable IK Legs in the Character Blueprint. Enabling this causes him to rotate 90 degrees to the right, making his right side buried in the ground like so.

His root rotation is fine while flying as IK is disabled during flight, this only occurs when he’s grounded. If I enable IK Debug, I can see floating sphere’s around his legs, but I’m not sure what they mean or what they’re referencing. I’m guessing something in the Event/Anim Graph?

With “IK enabled only when Idle,” you can see a somewhat better angle of the spheres

Here’s a Default Rex with IK Debug enabled for reference of what I’m trying to achieve

I’ve searched the Dev Kit Forums, Unreal Forums, and around Online for a few days now, with no solid solutions. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Haven’t work with the animations or importing models to the Dev Kit, but the sphere placement seems to be important.

Have you try to move around the spheres so follows the same order the Rex’s spheres follow?