Help with "if" function in material editor

Hi guys.
So what I need is if even just a little bit of the texture (plugged into a) is greater than 0, the entire material must be pink and if the texture is completely black the material must be blue. (This is just an example, the texture will be a render target)
However only the white parts become pink which makes sense, but how do I get what I want without the use of blueprints, the point of this is to remove having to have to manually check and un-check some parameters using a blueprint.
First thought was to blur the texture and then push the values up, but I don’t think its possible to blur a texture ?
Any thoughts ?
Should I even be using the “if” function, or is there something better to use for this ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Check this one:

In this case, the material will be full “blue” because the “checkers” texture is not full black. If it was, it would be full “red”.

You can just use Lerp/Linear Interpolate with the mask as alpha to get the same effect.