Help with hovering Carno's / Scorpions

Hi there community,

Is anyone else experiencing hovering Carno’s/Scorpions when trying to increase the size above a certain scale. (ATM I don’t know for other classes, except Carno’s/Scorpions)
It doesn’t matter if you either do it via Skeletal Mesh or via Character BP. They keep hovering above the ground if you put the values above a certain variable. Is there a work-a-round for this or a fix?

EDIT: I already tried things like Mass, Gravity Scale etc.


Why not offset the Z position of the mesh? Collisions are a bit off anyway, but at least they won’t look like they’re flying. At least I hope it works that way.

So far that doesn’t work, but thank you for trying. With the current Direwolf, the issue also occurs.

Well, I have messed with this a lot and it seems when you go past a certain amount on any skeletal mesh or just plain out using the Mesh scale X, Y, Z in the dino character bp to scale them they do what you have said in your Original Post. I was trying to make a bigger Ant and I came across this issue, the only way I managed to fix it is just lowering the scale down to a point where they don’t start walking in the air.

If someone else has figured out how to scale anything up past a certain point with 0 issues, I would also love to know how this was achieved. I have tried gravity scale, mass, Capsule Component Scale, just editing the scale in the skeletal mesh, and none of those seemed to help when you scale past a certain point.

The collisions scale alongside the meshes, causing the “floating” issue. I hadn’t really got to try these yet, but if you could change collisions separately from meshes, that would fix it.