Help with hiding text

hi new to blueprints, followed a couple tutorials on YouTube on making a pickup object and making a Hud display, my problem is no matter how I set this up I cant get the text to stay a little longer than the pickup object

this is what I have so far and the gem and text disappear in 0.5 sec, if I make the timer longer the gem stays longer causing the counter to go up , I’d like the gem to disappear instantly and then the text disappears 1 second after

any help appreciated!

Try drag/dropping the static mesh (from the top left side ‘StaticMesh’) into the code area and drag from its blue pin and set visibility.

edit: Assuming the gem is the static mesh.
edit 2: Are you saying the counter continues to go up as long as the gem is being overlapped when it should only go up once? If thats the case, try dragging out from the static mesh blue pin and ‘destroy component’ and call that as the very first thing after begin overlap.

You need to spawn an actor, which puts the message up for a couple of seconds and then kills itself.

Then you destroy this gem immediately.