Help with graphs and functions


I want to create an Item that does the same thing like the Mindwipe Tonic, but on dinos (reset their stats to base stats after taiming).
So I copied and renamed the blueprint “PrimalItemConsumable_RespecSoup” and its engramentry to my mod folder and allowed remote use.
Now I think that I have to edit the graph, since the functions used there resets the stats (of the player but not the dino) and engrampoints (well dinos don’t have engrampoints). But I cannot find where the functions are specified, nor I am able to edit them.

Maybe somebody have some helpful advice on how to do it.
And are there some good tutorials for graphs and functions?
I wasn’t able to find one.

Thanks in advance

I’m trying to figure this out too. No luck so far. Anyone out there?

Anyone? Could use help with exactly this.

I would suggest that you look at the original mind wipe tonic data and try to find something that connects to the player. After you’ve done this try to change it to either one certain dino, or all the dinos. This is not my strong spot, but this is all the stuff I can think of. Hope it helps.

Yeah having trouble making any sense of the mindwipe tonic data.

Really guys? Noone knows how to do this?

There really isn’t much data for us to make sense of: On use it gets the owner of the inventory component it is used in, then casts to shootercharacter(which will only be succesful if the actor is a player), gets the player state and then calls a function “Do respecc” that we can not access to look what exactly it does.

To resolve the first issue replace the "Cast to “ShooterCharacter” with a “Cast to PrimalDinoCharacter” if you want it only to be usable on dinos, if you want both player and dinos: just add a “Cast to PrimalDinoCharacter” to the “Cast Failed” output of “Cast to ShooterCharacter”. You would connect your custom dino respecc function after the “Cast to PrimalDinoCharacter”.

I did a quick test and the “Do respecc” node does not work on dinos as it is(kind of expected since respecc on players does other things than only resetting stats). So you probably need to create your own respecc logic for the dinos.

I would guess the relevant values are on the dinos status component.

Hope that helps a bit. As for the respecc function for dinos i might look into that a bit more and post some screenshots here if i get somewhere.

Yeah, if you figure it out… This graph stuff is annoying.