Help with graphics


We are a supersmall team (two people) working on creating a turn-based strategy game similar to Xcom in how it plays out. We’ve got a start with creating the turn-based mechanics, gotten some basic stuff set up and we’re looking to expand the team. We have great ambitions, but pared with a grounded view on what we can accomplish. Our main goal is to create a “Proof of Concept” on how the game would work mechanically, and go from there to expand. If we get enough of a real game going, we plan to release it on more platforms and see if people like what they see.

We need help in any and all forms of graphic design - right now we only have access to free or cheaper assets to use in the game and we will be making compromises to adjust for that, but if you know your way around design, we’d love to have some help.

If possible, we’d love someone to join us for the long term, all the way to release, but if you just want to pitch in and help with a small detail, or donate something you’ve already done before, we’d love that too!

I’m not sure what more people want to know before committing, so feel free to ask follow-up questions.

  • Andreas Rönnqvist

Show some footage, to catch more interest, even when it’s a rough prototype.

Right now the footage is pretty bare-bones - a few mannequins, a level of nondescript walls and a floor of tiles to fit the movement scheme of the pawns. It is playable in a very rough sense of the word but that is where we are right now.

But I’ll take some rough screens, if that helps! :slight_smile: