Help with Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards

I’m new to mobile app development, and I’ve recently finished developing my first android game in Unreal Engine using solely the blueprint system, however, I’ve been unable to get the achievements and the leaderboards to function properly. Everything sends over to the game service just fine and I’m able to unlock achievements and upload to the leaderboard properly, however, whenever I want to show the leaderboard or the achievements in the game, they just pop up for a brief moment before removing, even though I’m signed in. The tutorial I followed is: Integrate Google Play Services with Blueprint - Blueprint - Epic Developer Community Forums

I believe that since it’s got so far that I’ve done all the app signing and packaging correctly. My blueprints for displaying the leaderboards and achievements are below:

Some things I’ve already tried include quadruple checking the app id, license key, achievement ids, leaderboard ids, pasting the resources into the values file, enabling APIs, ensuring my SDKs were up to date, exporting with both Gradle and ANT, testing in Internal, Closed Alpha, and Open Beta tracks on Google, and smashing my head into my keyboard.

Any assistance at this point would be greatly appreciated.