Help with getting Waterworks to work, .NET error with Visual Studio


The above is the error I got at the circled stage. I have downloaded Visual Studio 2017. I got the error that .NET Framework v4.5 was wrong or missing references or whatever, so I uninstalled v4.6.2, installed v4.5, only to have it tell me to update, so I did back to v4.6.2. Then the error came up again.

What is going on? First time using github and doing this manual stuff, help please. Thanks for anything.

Okay, thanks a lot for the help *sarcasm, after 48 hours I finally figured it out.

Now I have a problem running .sln, it says UE4 is incompatible. Help.

Good evening and any help will be greatly appreciated. I am having a similar error you had running the GenerateProjectFiles Windows Batch File. I am trying to compile this version of UE4.17 with all the Nvidia GameWorks plugins and examples from this branch. Please see image attach. Maybe just maybe you solve the issue since 2015 and can help me out here in the future 2018 :slight_smile: