Help with getting Asset Management system working

Hi all,
I’ve been working on a bit of an RPG, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the functionality for the Primary Asset Types to Scan working. I’m trying to set it up like how it works in ActionRPG, where they can use the Get Primary Asset Id List to get the whole list of their Assets. However, mine returns nothing. I’ve done tons of digging through ActionRPG trying to find the option I’m missing or the line of code I need to add.

The only difference I’ve been able to notice is that when viewing an Item in ActionRPG it has this “Weapon:Weapon_Sword_3” thing that connects to it when looking at it through the Reference Viewer with “Show Management References” enabled.

When looking at the assets in my project there are no references on the left side, and interestingly enough if I reference one of the assets in a blueprint, via something like an array, the system suddenly works, making me believe there’s something I’m doing wrong that’s making Unreal not scan the directories properly or something.

Any and all help would be much appreciated, I’ve been struggling with this issue for a while now.