Help with FPS Highlighting/Outlining and Level Completion


I’m not very proficient with Unreal but I’m trying to make an FPS game where the player swims around a lagoon clearing pollution.

  • To do so they must look at the pollution (bottle, tire, barrel) and it will be highlighted with an outline.
  • Then they must left click with the targeting reticle over it to destroy it.

Once all of the pollution has been removed the game ends.
It’s the parts in bold that I’m struggling with.
I’ve looked up some tutorials online, such as these;

But they seem to use earlier versions of Unreal and/or don’t make sense to me :frowning:
Could anyone provide me with guidance or links to tutorials that could help please? I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall with my project.


Oh, just thought I’d add.

On the level blueprint and character blueprint I’ve set the ‘Auto Receive Input’ to ‘Player 0’, that should enable mouse clicking shouldn’t it?

It’s still not working anyway :frowning:

Another update:
I’ve sorted out the destroy actor problem by making a blueprint class with a trigger box. Once within the box the object is destroyed by pressing E.
Still can’t work the Outline though, or level completion once the objects are destroyed :confused: