Help With First Person Weapon Animation

[SIZE=3]Hi guys, I’ve been trying to figure out the importing process for some first person animations I’ve created in 3DS Max. My end goal is to have a custom idle animation for some Halo 3 assets play in place of the default blue arms used in the first person template. What I have done so far is successfully import the mesh and animation for the arms, but the sniper is nowhere to be seen even though I exported the whole 3DS Max file, not just the single object.

When creating the animation I used the 3DS Max biped skeleton for the arms, and ‘link constraints’ to connect the sniper magazine and slider to the base of the gun. (base, magazine and slider are 3 different objects detached from the original Bungie asset)
I then used another link constraint to connect the right hand bone to the base of the gun, allowing the sniper to move with the keyframed hand animation (all animation was applied to the arms, the sniper was only linked to the arms not given its own animation)

So my question is how do I bring the sniper into the scene and still allow the right hand bone (from the biped) to control it during the animation? Is having the separate movable parts of the model as different objects good practice? Is using link constraints for this sort of thing the way to go? Any advice or help that points me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated.

You probably want to have separate animations for each weapon type or even for every weapon…
Not all “Rifles” will have same dimensions Ex. Sniper to an Assault, Magazines will be in different spots and reloads will be off.
So maybe have a
-Empty hands animation
-Sniper animation w/ reload
-Assault animation w/ reload
-Pistol Animation w/ reload
If you have one universal reload animation, whatever weapon you have snapping to the weapon socket may not work for ALL weapons equip-able.