Help with "Fatal Error Cooking" Meta human Grooms

Hey! I need some help with a cooking/packaging process.

I can package the project wihout problems, but when I try to package it with an added metahuman groom (Im using a metahuman head and grooms attached to my character), packaging fails. Again, it packs with NO problems without the grooms, so its something to do with the grooms. Theres a screenshot of the error and logs attached. Any help is appreciated! Thanks a lot!

[link text][2]

Greetings buddy. Faced the same problem. Please tell me did you find a solution? For me, so far the only way out is to remove all hairstyles from the package and then build the project.

I have this issue too. Will try switching to cards but the groom assets add a lot to the character.

Havent found any solution to this, but disabling Distant Fields appears to make the error go away in my case. Im still investigating how to keep Distant fields, though.