Help with event begin play

Hello please anyone help me to work this event on dedicated server this event working in editor but under dedicated server no :frowning:
i tryed this event in gametype blueprint and character blueprint but without luck
and i tryed this event with print string for test
Thanks in advance for any answer

P.S. Sorry for my bad english

For server create a Custom event - call it “Server MyName” and click the custom node, then set the it to Run on server, call that custom event with Event BeginPlay (Server MyName).

Actually Begin play is called both on the server and the client, meaning you can simply add a
and pull off the Authority pin

I really suggest you watch the video series Introduction to Blueprint Networking - YouTube to really understand networking through blueprints.
The majority of non-cosmetic events are run entirely server side in Ark.

The use of the Has Auth switch and replicated events will depend on what you’re doing honestly. The switch won’t always do what you need it to, where an event is most likely needed.

An example of this would be where another modder was attempting to use the switch to run code server-side, but it wouldn’t fire or do anything at all. I replicated the code for my own uses and used a replicated event instead and it works entirely as intended.

That and using events helps to clean up code and the graph as if needed a custom event can just be collapsed so it’s out of the way but you can still call it from wherever you need to.