Help with enemy A.I in 2d Paper project.

Just a quick question, does anyone know how or if its possible to have an actor follow the character? For instance, I can make the actor move to the left or right, or have him alternate between points, but what If i want him to follow the character, so that if I jump over him he will know to switch directions. I have already tried an event tick set actor location but that option has the actor ignore all collision. I would need it to follow me but still respond to a wall. Is any of this possible?

I’ve not started with the AI on a 2D project yet, but I was imagining making them pawns, and using the Add Movement Input node as the player character does in the default 2D blueprint project. I’m pretty sure the player character receives Hit events in this case, so I figure it should work.

It works great! Thanks. I hadn’t even thought about the whole pawn thing.

Ah that’s great! It’s good to know it works!

I’m having trouble as well and I am not as experienced as either of you, can you explain in detail how to do this?

The way I have it setup right now, the enemy responds to collision. When I made the enemy, I chose Character instead of Actor or Pawn, and it will respond to collision. So to make it move you can just do, Event tick/Set actor location and do its current location plus which ever way you want it to move. So Positive on the X would be right and negative x would be left. That will get you started.

ty so much very helpful