Help with Easing Functions for Actor Translations.

Hello all!

I’ve been doing dome simple practice exercises in Blueprints lately to learn more about it. I am currently stuck trying to translate a cube over a set distance with an easing function. I found the “Ease” function, which looks awesome, with a whole collection of common easing functions, but right now my cube will only jump to the given distance, and the easing function appears to have no effect.

Perhaps someone could take a look at what I have and point out my misunderstanding. Thanks!

Here is my blueprint, attached to a cube in my scene:

Edit:In debugging further, the output of the Ease function is the B value, it seems like its not interpolating from A to B at all, unless maybe it is doing it really fast.
Edit2: the Alpha value also seems to scale the B value, so if I put it to .1, the cube only move 20 units. This seems strange to me but maybe I am expecting something unintended of the Ease function.