Help with door

So. I want to create a door. The thing is that I want to activate the door if a key physically touches it. My fps character can grab stuff and move it arround like in half life 2. And I made a key that has physics. So I would like to physically grab it and when it touches the door it gets activated… Like in this: Watching Paint Dry: The Game | Not as simple as you think - YouTube (2:40)
If someone knows how please send some help!!

There are quite a few tutorials on how to grab physical objects:

And so on …

Then it’s just a simple collision between the key and the door.

My fps character already knows how to grab objects. And I think I already coded the key and door thing, but in order to the door to open I made a matinee but in 4.24 I can’t find any way to play the matinee in the ‘level blueprint’, the play node for some reason I think it got removed, any help on that?

Why are you using matinee? You do now it will be discontinued in 4.25? Convert your matinee to a sequence and problem solved.

I actually used a sequence… I’m just used saying ‘matinee’. So. How do I play a sequence in level blueprint?

Like this:


Thanks dude