Help with destructible terrain pls! Worms style game

Hi I’m trying to figure out how to make a destructible terrain like Worms without programming (C++ or C):

I’m in this a few weeks and still can’t figure how, any help is much appreciated.

You’ll have to do programming to implement that whatever way you try it, whether Blueprint or C++.

There’s no mechanism to do this by default in the engine, but a lot of users have implemented a ‘Voxel’ system, which is probably what you’ll want to start looking at. I think that might even be the way the original worms did it. A few people have shared techniques on how to generate voxels!

Wow, is it possible at present with Blueprint? maybe you can give me a clue where to start? i know about Smooth Voxels but there is no way of applying it in ue4 without programming (C++ or C)

I don’t have anything to hand but my first starting point would be searching the forums for the voxel methods that people have used already, I think you’ll be hard pushed to avoid using C++ entirely though.