Help with decals

Decals don’t seem to work in shadows

Working outside:

inside building / Shadow:

Take a look at this thread: :slight_smile:

I’ve had this problem before, see this question.

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I just tried that and it didn’t work. Any other ways to get this working?

That’s the way to do it. Did you update your material? Try restarting the editor. If I remember correctly, all the shaders will be recompiled.

Yes, I’ve restarted the editor twice, reimported the texture, deleted the material and recreated it. And tried it on every dbuff setting. Also it doesn’t work at all now, in the last image you can see that it doesn’t show up at all now :confused:

You need to put the commands in ConsoleVariables.INI, not BaseEngine.

yay it worked, thank you! :smiley: