Help with debugging on iOS

Hi all,

I’ve got a basic GoogleVR app which runs fine in VR preview, but on my iPhone I don’t see anything except floor and skybox (I have a bunch of Actors which are created via C++ from reading an input file). I’m really stuck trying to work out what’s going on - perhaps the JSON file hasn’t been copied over, for instance? Is there a tutorial on how to debug on iOS? I’ve struggled to find it if so. Is there any way to get logfiles produced and read them back?

Any help much appreciated!

Okay, replying to myself, as I just found this:

which I will try shortly, as looking at log files would be very helpful.

But in the meantime I printed an error message to screen and have another question: it IS the case that the deserialising of my json fails (FJsonSerializer::Deserialize), so I guess the file is missing. How do I get it copied over as part of the bundle? It’s just sitting in my Content directory at the moment.

Or in other words, all I did was drag a json file into $GAME_NAME/Content and now (unsurprisingly) this isn’t being copied to iOS. Can anyone tell me what I need to do to ensure this is bundled with the game?

need the same information

Help with debugging on iOS

Selecting a Debugger -
Xcode has two debuggers namely, GDB and LLDB debuggers. GDB is selected by default. LLDB is a debugger that is a part of the LLVM open-source compiler project. You can change the debugger by “edit active schemes” option.

How to Find Coding Errors? -
To locate coding-related errors, you need to build your application which will compile the code. In case the code contains errors, the compiler will display all the messages, errors, and warnings with their possible reasons.

You can click Product and then Analyze to locate possible issues in an application.

Set Breakpoints -
Breakpoints help us to know the different states of our application objects, which help us identifying many flaws including logical issues. We just need to click over the line number to create a breakpoint. To remove a breakpoint, simply click and drag it out. The following screenshot shows how to set a breakpoint:

When we run the application and select the playVideo button, the application will pause at the line number where we had set the breakpoint. It allows us the time to analyze the state of the application. When the breakpoint is triggered.

Exception breakpoint -
We also have exception breakpoints that trigger an application to stop at the location where the exception occurs. We can insert exception breakpoints by selecting the + button after selecting the debug navigator.